ACT Resources

Our ACT resources are now freely available below! We want to share these with you because we believe that MVP and “the three E’s” are valuable tools for guiding patients and their loved ones though Serious Illness Conversations that are effective, empathetic, and…yes, even…efficient.

We encourage you to take a look. Our “stool cards” and other resources are useful as standalone guides, though we also encourage you to take one of our Remote ACT (ReACT) courses via Zoom this year! You can also check out our recent JPSM paper for a more complete description of MVP. You can also check out our COVID-specific ACT resources here!

Please contact us here if you would like to sign up!

Though ACT Courses this year will be via video, there will still be ample opportunity to practice with our wonderful patient ACTors, give (and receive) feedback, and form bonds with your colleagues that will last well beyond the end of the course. We will also be offering our post-course follow-up modules, Encore, with some exciting new opportunities to continuously improve our communication skill together!

Historical Note – During the height of the COVID crisis (c. 2020) we developed a number of ACT Resources specific of communication in a resource-limited environment. These have, at least in the US, become generally obsolete. We hope and pray they remain obsolete, though you are welcome to check them out here.

ACT Resources

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