ACT Publications

MVP–Medical Situation, Values, and Plan: A Memorable and Useful Model for All Serious Illness ConversationsMedial, Values, Plan and Empower, be Explicit, Empathize explained!

Re-ACT: Remote Advanced Communication Training in a Time of Crisis – These short (30-60 minute) remote synchronous sessions were offered in April 2020 as the UR Medicine system was preparing for the anticipated COVID wave.

Primary Palliative Care Education Programs: Review and Characterization – Dr. Carroll and colleagues from Vanderbilt performed a systematic review of primary palliative care educations programs across the country…via Google

Relationship and the Effectiveness of Primary Palliative Care Education – Dr. Carroll reflects on an experience he had with a patient and his family and the importance of considering pre-existing patient-clinician relationships when thinking about primary palliative care education.

Primary Palliative Care Education: A Pilot Survey – This unique survey compared: What do non-palliative care specialists want in terms of primary palliative care education?…with: What do palliative care specialists think non-palliative care specialists need? The results were interesting and in part helped launch the ACT Program itself!

Novel Computational Linguistic Measures, Dialogue System and the Development of SOPHIE: Standardized Online Patient for Healthcare Interaction Education – Thanks to a connection made via Dr. Ron Epstein, Dr. Carroll has teamed with Dr. Ehsan  Hoque to help develop SOPHIE (Standardized Online Patient for Healthcare Interaction Education) with the ultimate goal of providing a unique on-demand, low-cost, and effective communication training resource. For more info see here.

Selected publications by our friends and colleagues

Physician Communication Coaching: How Psychologists can Elevate Skills and Support Resident Education, Professionalism, and Well-being by Dr. Garroway et al. You can also check out Dr. Garroway’s intro video here.

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