**ACT Program COVID-19 Updates**

Thank You!

We want to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time to attend one (or more!) ACT for COVID Zoom sessions over the past month.  All told, we reached nearly 800 clinicians across the UR Medicine community.  We appreciate your time and openness to trying something new, especially in a time of crisis!

With the combination of effective local leadership and our community’s adherence to the important, and difficult, demands of social distancing there are now signs are suggesting we can be hopeful that Monroe County has truly avoided a COVID surge!

We share a sense of relief…and…we recognize that even with this success we are not fully out of the woods.  Nevertheless, we happily join our friends and colleagues in taking a collective breath and are looking forward the next step of figuring out what our lives are going to look like in this new COVID era.

To that end, the Zoom session scheduled for April 30 will be the last scheduled session we are going to offer for the time being.  Please know, however, that we remain happily available to anyone who would like to talk about successes and/or challenges associated with communication.  We are available via email or our contact page here.

We would also be happy to set up a Zoom session for anyone (or group of people) who would like to discuss communication skills…or even practice with one of our wonderful patient actors!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of service.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has helped make this effort successful!  Our wonderful ACT Team has truly stepped up to meet the needs of our friends and colleagues and to them we are forever indebted.  Among these especially are Gina Caquias and our outstanding ACTors!



We would also like to acknowledge our friends at VitalTalk who helped us get the ACT Program started and continue to provide us with wonderful support, especially in this challenging time!  We remain proud to be “powered by VitalTalk“!


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