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We have been busy during these crazy times!  Here’s a small sampling…

  • Remote ACT (ReACT) Courses in 2020-21.  We are excited to announce that scheduling for ReACT courses for this academic year has begun!  These will be held via Zoom.  Not to worry, they’re also a bit shorter as we can’t stand the thought of 2 full days on Zoom either!
    • If you have taken our in-person ACT course in the past you might want to consider joining us for a ReACT course.  The content will be similar, though communicating by video is a whole new ballgame!
  • Remote ACT (ReACT) COVID Sessions.  During April we offered 15 one-hour Zoom sessions to help our colleagues prepare to have terribly difficult conversations about resource limitations.  Fortunately, the need never materialized…and…we are grateful to everyone who took part!
    • This also resulted in a paper describing our efforts (manuscript in press)
  • MVP paper.  We have now officially put MVP “out there” in JPSM!  We are very excited to share our method for structuring Serious Illness Conversations.  We hope you have found it to be useful as well!
  • Funding for ACT.  Please join us in sending a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Jerald J. Rotenberg ʼ52 and Mrs. Clare E. Rotenberg for believing in the ACT Program and becoming our Founding Sponsors!  Thank you Jerry and Clare!

Remember you can visit us online and follow us on Twitter!          @ACT_UR

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