A Few Firsts

Thank you to our wonderful group of Heme/Onc and Palliative Care fellows who took part in the ACT Course last week!  You did awesome and so we appreciate your energy and willingness to play!

Last week’s course was a “first” in a number of ways…

  1. First of the academic year.  This means that our facilitators were getting their facilitating legs back under them, and they all did a great job!
  2. First all-fellows course.  This was the first time we have had a course of all fellows, or really all-anything for that matter.  While we still very much believe in the value of interdisciplinary education, we think that having a fellows-only course had its own benefits.
  3. First with our new ACT Steps and Skills.  We have reformulated our approach to teaching serious illness conversations.  We are now using a model that involves 3 Steps and 3 Skills.  We think (and hope!) that this was well received and will serve ACT Course participants well in helping patients and their loved ones navigate serious illness.

So, thank you again to our intrepid fellows who really jumped in with all 14 feet (collectively) and made our Multi-First ACT Course a huge success!


(Our apologies to Dr. Kadambi, who we missed in this photo)


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