Team Based Palliative Care Essentials for Parkinson’s Disease

We are excited to have teamed up with Dr. Kluger and the Parkinson’s Foundation to help create this course for Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence in the US and around the world!

This has been a wonderful opportunity to adapt the MVP model both to a new, more focused, audience and in a different format than our traditional ACT Course.

We are in the process of rolling this course out, so check back…there is surely more to come!

Update 10/26/21

We now have a few of these sessions under our collective belt…and…it’s been great! Thank you to all who have taken part! We have had a great mix of professional backgrounds from physicians, to APPs, RNs, care coordinators, secretaries, and therapists (physician, occupational, and psychological =))! The cross-pollination of ideas and insights among these diverse groups has been truly inspiring. We are looking forward to our next session…tomorrow!


Communication Skills Review & Practice Sessions

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