Empathy…ChatGPT Style

Here’s an…interesting…article published recently in JAMA…

The study reports that when responding to user questions on a Reddit forum, ChatGPT responses were rated more informative and more empathetic than responses posted by (verified) physicians.

To the authors’ credit, they limit their conclusions to modest claims about possibly using such AI-powered tech to write drafts of such responses for a physician to edit before posting…and that more research is needed.

Nevertheless, this raises a number of interesting issues. Not the least of which is deeply philosophical issues about whether the person aspect of inter-personal communication matters, if so how and to what extent. I suspect that if someone were to find out that the answer to his question had been generated, without his prior knowledge, by a computer, there might be some…feelings…about that.

A few related items for your perusal: Chatting Without CommunicatingEmotionally Enhanced Robots…and an overview with an eye towards constructing an ethical framework

In the spirit of transparency (and/or shameless self-promotion)…we are working on something somewhat similar “named” SOHPIE…though we promise she…I mean “it”…is definitely not going to take over the world!

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