Re-ACT November Course

We had another great course a few weeks ago and we’re looking forward December 10&11 with our next group!

We had some really nice feedback from our group, including Dr. Falkson…

“I had to deal with “bad news” in, for me, an unusual setting in the outpatient clinic. Yes, I’ve done this before, but felt sooo much better myself about doing it this time, after your course.

I saw a new patient with breast cancer.  I can honestly say that your course helped ME feel more comfortable when I gave her the bad PET scan report, and then discussed how to approach her new breast ca (she just “wants it out” but treating the breast ca is not going to make her live longer [because of her other medical problems]…we discussed why it’s a bit complicated but how to make best choices and her anxiety about new lump in breast).

Thank you again. A few days later I can attest to how your course made a difference to how I feel about how I talk to people!”

– Carla Falkson, MD

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